I’m a blogger now?

“Good shit, bad shit, funny shit, sad shit. Maybe I’ll inspire you, maybe I won’t. Perhaps I’ll talk about worldly matters, my daily adventures, my not so subtle obsession with aliens, OR (if you’re really lucky) I just might give insight on how to make the worlds best sandwich. Only time will tell. I guess you’ll only find out if you read. So sit back, grab a glass of wine (because there is a 100% chance I indulged in a hefty one while writing this) and enjoy. My name is Stevie Jackson. And I have shit to say”

“Hello, my name is Stevie Jackson and I guess I am a blogger now?

This morning I woke up refreshed, I said good morning to the birds (as one would) and enjoyed a lovely breakfast to the sweet sounds of the universe. What a beautiful morning.

That sounded nice didn’t it? Ok now real quick, let me give you the reality of that statement. I woke up at the Quality Inn somewhere in Ohio (as I am currently a traveling actress) to the sound of what I think was a bird fight outside my window. As I walked to the scene of this bird brawl, I noticed I only had 3 minutes left of continental breakfast that ended at 9am. Flustered, I ran down the stairs tripping only down 2 of them (this time) to retrieve my cinnamon oatmeal and mediocre apple. I then ate breakfast in the corner of the lobby next to an old couple arguing with the maid about their coffee having grinds in it (tragic). But it was indeed a beautiful morning, because it was at that moment, I decided to start this blog! That’s right folks, I woke up this morning a changed woman, a blogger.

So like… what is a blog anyway…? (I say to myself after making the well over $100 dollar purchase..) I then say “Siri- tell me everything I need to know about a blog” ¬†and I think you could say I’m nothing short of an expert now. Branching off of that, I will now say that if you haven’t noticed, I have no idea what I’m doing. I always wonder where all my money goes…it used to all go to late night take out, boxed wine, fulfilling my starving artist lifestyle, and my crippling college debt. So why not add another thing huh? My bank account already hates me, ask me if I care. SO, Here I am with this new website and even though I don’t necessarily know what it is exactly that I’m doing, I hope you all will all follow me on this journey so I can share my ideas and adventures with you.

I’ll be writing about all kinds of stuff! I hope to make a difference in important matters through a light hearted approach and my own daily experiences. In fact, my first real post is already in the works. I want to thank everyone ahead of time. Please share, and stay tuned because I HAVE SHIT TO SAY!

Thank You!