All that hype for THIS?!

“Christmas is just amazing, right? I mean come on, let’s set the scene. Family is home, cookies are EVERYWHERE, and (let’s be honest) you have probably heard (and related to?) at least one too many songs about Santa bringing you your long lost love. You look around to find everything is BEAUTIFULLY decorated. The snow is falling which means sledding, snow angels, ice skating, you name it! It isn’t titled “the best time of the year” for nothing people… Right?! Right. But then… this awkward moment happens… where Christmas just ends? Like…HOW RUDE, RIGHT?! And then, as you watch the holiday season slip quickly away from your fingertips, you are full of leftovers and  gunning STRAIGHT for the new year. BOOM. It hits. January 1st. We like to give ourselves a little new year pep talk (don’t act like you don’t). The typical New Year’s resolutions are being set in place, because you are making sure this is going to be “the best year EVER”.  YAY! WOOHOO! CHEERS!

And then comes January 2nd… crap.”

Ahhhh there it is folks. Post holiday seasonal depression at it’s finest. My name is Stevie Jackson, and I have shit to say.


Life is funny isn’t it?

*insert laugh track* (sorry had to)

Ok but all jokes aside… Life is funny isn’t it?

*insert reader laugh* (that’s you)

Ok, now I am really done. I hope that joke landed. I hope you laughed. If not, I did, so it was WORTH IT OK?

ANYWAYS… sorry. Where was I… oh yes.

Life is funny isn’t it? The way it just throws us that curveball of having “best time of the year” followed by what many think to be the “worst time of the year”?I mean, I HATE IT! You’re cold, unmotivated, and quite frankly “sick of winter’s shit”. Not to mention, valentines day is right around the corner, and let’s just say my parents are the only one sending me any heart shaped chocolates this year… and every one before…HA. (I wish I was kidding). But um… yeah! If you have related to anything I have said thus far, you’re in luck, because I am here to provide you with a 10 step fool proof process to get you out of this annual winter slump, and back on your feet! So without further ado…

sit back, grab a glass of wine, and enjoy my very vague yet oddly relatable list of how to defeat the winter blues. You’re welcome.


Accept and embrace.


You can’t cuddle a fish


Focus on what you love


Life is short, just order the damn pizza.


There is always a light at the end of the tunnel


If you don’t have a Netflix account, someone else does.


It’s impossible to leave a Target shopping store disappointed.


The crockpot saves lives


Spring cleaning doesn’t actually mean wait for spring to clean.

And finally… the tenth and most important rule yet…

NEVER I repeat NEVER run out of wine.

Take with that, what you will.

Until next time…





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