A letter to my Romeo.

“Romeo Romeo…”

A Valentines Day Poem 

By: Stevie Jackson 

My Romeo is the sweetest.

He really, really is.

He kisses me, and comforts me, and stays out of my biz.

Yes he may be a little nosey…

Yes he may be far from shy…

Yes he maybe even one day accidentally bit my eye!

But I love him cuz he’s cuddly.

And, I love him cuz he’s cute.

And, I  love him most of all, because he’s always such a hoot!

Now I bet you’re probably wondering, why I even wrote this blog.

But hey, here comes the punchline!

Romeo… wherefore art though… a Dog?

To all fellow dog lovers, no-one loves you like your pup! Squeeze them extra hard in this season of LOVE!


Here is a photo of my actual pup Romeo. But get outta here ladies, he is TAKEN!






All that hype for THIS?!

“Christmas is just amazing, right? I mean come on, let’s set the scene. Family is home, cookies are EVERYWHERE, and (let’s be honest) you have probably heard (and related to?) at least one too many songs about Santa bringing you your long lost love. You look around to find everything is BEAUTIFULLY decorated. The snow is falling which means sledding, snow angels, ice skating, you name it! It isn’t titled “the best time of the year” for nothing people… Right?! Right. But then… this awkward moment happens… where Christmas just ends? Like…HOW RUDE, RIGHT?! And then, as you watch the holiday season slip quickly away from your fingertips, you are full of leftovers and  gunning STRAIGHT for the new year. BOOM. It hits. January 1st. We like to give ourselves a little new year pep talk (don’t act like you don’t). The typical New Year’s resolutions are being set in place, because you are making sure this is going to be “the best year EVER”.  YAY! WOOHOO! CHEERS!

And then comes January 2nd… crap.”

Ahhhh there it is folks. Post holiday seasonal depression at it’s finest. My name is Stevie Jackson, and I have shit to say.


Life is funny isn’t it?

*insert laugh track* (sorry had to)

Ok but all jokes aside… Life is funny isn’t it?

*insert reader laugh* (that’s you)

Ok, now I am really done. I hope that joke landed. I hope you laughed. If not, I did, so it was WORTH IT OK?

ANYWAYS… sorry. Where was I… oh yes.

Life is funny isn’t it? The way it just throws us that curveball of having “best time of the year” followed by what many think to be the “worst time of the year”?I mean, I HATE IT! You’re cold, unmotivated, and quite frankly “sick of winter’s shit”. Not to mention, valentines day is right around the corner, and let’s just say my parents are the only one sending me any heart shaped chocolates this year… and every one before…HA. (I wish I was kidding). But um… yeah! If you have related to anything I have said thus far, you’re in luck, because I am here to provide you with a 10 step fool proof process to get you out of this annual winter slump, and back on your feet! So without further ado…

sit back, grab a glass of wine, and enjoy my very vague yet oddly relatable list of how to defeat the winter blues. You’re welcome.


Accept and embrace.


You can’t cuddle a fish


Focus on what you love


Life is short, just order the damn pizza.


There is always a light at the end of the tunnel


If you don’t have a Netflix account, someone else does.


It’s impossible to leave a Target shopping store disappointed.


The crockpot saves lives


Spring cleaning doesn’t actually mean wait for spring to clean.

And finally… the tenth and most important rule yet…

NEVER I repeat NEVER run out of wine.

Take with that, what you will.

Until next time…





Aunt Edith Burnt The Turkey AGAIN?!

“YAY! It’s Thanksgiving, and I am THANKFUL! OMG. Aunt Edith burnt the turkey again?? I swear, Aunt Edith is the worst cook. Whatever, it’s fine because I am THANKFUL for the fact that there is a McDonalds on the way home, they’re open 24/7, holidays included. I’ll just stop there. Man I am THANKFUL for that. WAIT who has the Black Friday ads? Well, whoever has them needs to hurry up because I am leaving dinner early to get in line to score that big screen TV since ours is already an entire year old, imagine that! UGH, I am so THANKFUL that the stores open at 7pm now, ya know!? Isn’t that amazing? OH, also, someone make sure the football game is on, because that is the only way I can avoid actually talking to family members on this amazing holiday that I am so THANKFUL for. I AM JUST SO THANKFUL!”

Here we are folks, the week of Thanksgiving in America. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE Thanksgiving. Mainly because I love food, of course. I mean who doesn’t, Right?! When I think of Thanksgiving, I directly relate it to three things. First, the smorgasbord of food and wine that awaits my arrival. Second, the football games all day long (my family loves us some football)! And third, the freaking Black Friday ads scattered literally everywhere appearing as if an angry pack of kindergarteners got a hold of the Toys R Us catalogue collection.  Now don’t get me wrong, these things are great and fun and totally filled with the holiday spirit! I am all about it! However, it kind of boggles my mind that a holiday created around the idea of “giving thanks” for what we have, has turned into a national subliminal ideology of attaining more! More food, more shopping, more everything! More, more, more! My name is Stevie Jackson, and I have shit to say.

By definition, the term “Thanksgiving” means “the expression of gratitude”. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that we all have at least one thing in our lives that we are eternally grateful for. I hope that for many of you, it’s an endless list! Gratitude comes in all shapes and sizes! Maybe you’re happy to be surrounded by amazing family and friends. Maybe you got a promotion at work. Maybe you did extremely well this month with your coupons and saved a bunch of money, woohoo! Perhaps you even just found a new recipe for some bomb egg salad, I don’t know! But the point is, I think we all have things to be grateful for that we don’t give enough credit to! Things we already have that make us who we are.

So, I challenge everyone this holiday season to rather than focus on the idea of how you can get more, focus on the idea of having enough. Focus on how to be truly thankful for what you have rather than what you don’t! And, ya know what? YEAH, maybe Aunt Edith burns the turkey for the 7th year in a row, but Gosh Darn it, we are THANKFUL for that blessed woman.

I don’t actually have an Aunt Edith… Does anyone?



<3 Stevie

Woman walks into a pole and gets pregnant.

“So a woman named Cynthia walks into a pole and gets pregnant. NO, IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK. Oh frick, not again. Let me try one more time. OK, TAKE 2, ACTION. So a woman named Cynthia walks into a pole and gets pregnant. NO! I DID IT AGAIN. I am missing the punch line! *muttering to self under breath* come ON get it TOGETHER! *deep calming breath* So a woman named Cynthia… actually never mind.”

Ya know what… come to think of it, I think I know why the joke isn’t landing… Probably because it isn’t a joke at all. Thats right folks, this is a very true story. A woman named Cynthia did indeed walk into a pole. And by doing this, Cynthia did indeed find out she was pregnant. I should probably mention now that Cynthia is my mother, and this is the story of how Stevie Jackson was found to be expected into this world! My name is Stevie Jackson, and I have shit to say.

Set the scene: Cynthia has departed for an important business trip out of state. At home, she reluctantly left her two kids for the first time (her husband and her first born 6 month old child) . That was a joke. Ha ha. Well part of it… I’ll let you decide. MOVING ON. The building that she was meeting in had a plumbing issue (naturally), so they had to exit the premise for natural human needs. Whilst returning from said bathroom adventure, Cynthia and her bathroom buddy were in a riveting conversation. In fact, it was so riveting, that Cynthia forgot to use her eyes and BOOM! Walked full speed ahead into a very obvious pole in the middle of the sidewalk. OUCH. Cynthia claimed to be fine. “DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT say ANYTHING” she said. Gasping, her colleague informed Cynthia that her entire face was gushing blood, and she was then rushed to the hospital.

Cut to: Cynthia sitting in an emergency room awaiting an “un-needed protocol” pregnancy test that is required before being cleared for a CT scan. Suddenly, the doctor rushes in and exclaims “OH, YOU ARE POSITIVE!”. Confused, Cynthia replies “about what”? “Oh… um… YOU’RE PREGNANT!” And that’s how I was found to be coming into this world. They always said I knew how to make an entrance…

Needless to say, Cynthia missed her meeting.


Where is the off button on this damn thing?!

“Hey Doc, me again. Yeah um…here’s the thing. I think I may have something wrong with my brain? Now I promise, I’m not crazy, hear me out. See, it turns out, my brain wasn’t built with an off button? HA! Imagine that! So if you can just return my call, that would be totally awesome. OH, and don’t worry about calling back at weird hours because I’ll be sitting next to the phone the ENTIRE time waiting for your reply! *nervous laugh* Yeah by that I mean I will be thinking about it the whole time. Just thinking about it… Yep! Just waiting… So, just call back! Soon! PLEASE! And um…Omg wait. What if you don’t call back…Omg what if you’re not a real person? Omg what if I’M not a real person?! Omg. I have to go. *hangs up phone* *seeks out wine and chocolate IMMEDIATELY* “

Welcome to the wonderful world of anxiety folks! And by wonderful, I mean WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?! I feel like most of you readers probably have some sort of idea of what I’m talking about. Maybe some more than others. The constant worry about things that are completely out of proportion. Thoughts that our brains aren’t meant to dwell on in any way, shape, or form. Oh, and then of course, you begin to then worry about your worrying (because that makes sense, thanks brain). Suddenly, your life becomes a continuous tornado of insane negative brain patterns. A downward spiral into long days that turn into sleepless nights. This is also the exact moment you find out that anyone who has ever told you that “counting sheep” was an efficient way to make you sleepy was full of LIES. Because, yeah maybe you try this, and you then find yourself beginning to name the nonexistent sheep. AND, then you’re creating LIVES and PROBLEMS for the said nonexistent sheep. AHH. Yeah, I would know nothing about that…absolutely nothing. Moving on. Where was I? OH, right. That stupid anxiety thing. So how do people cope you may ask? Some get moody from it, some laugh through it, and some shut down from it. Others try to self medicate through things like alcohol, marijuana, copious amounts of food (or no food at all), and even binge watching every episode known to Netflix (hey don’t fret man, we have all been there). Anything to distract the brain from these continuous thoughts! Turn it off! Unfortunately though, there is no off button (shocker) and a lot of the time, people are left to find that these things really don’t do much to help in the long run at all! They’re completely temporary solutions. “SO NOW WHAT” you may be asking, right? Well hey, I’m here to help ya out the best I can! My name is Stevie Jackson, and I have shit to say.

Anxiety. It’s a term that can cover a very wide range of meanings. It shows up in all different shapes and sizes. The most common form of it tends to be “stress induced” anxiety. In short, this basically can be described as overloading ourselves with way more daily expectations to meet at extremely high standards of which we as human beings aren’t even capable of. This stems from self hate. Oh, and you can laugh at that last sentence, it was a joke. Ya know, haha? But seriously people, we gotta stop doing that! Anyways, aside from that, there are many other anxiety forms that are a bit more tricky to explain why they happen. To name just a few examples, sometimes people may get anxiety from noise, fears, or even people. There are even many people who have no idea what causes their anxiety and then are really left in the dark about how to fix it! How tough is that? Right? The brain is a strange, strange thing. All in all, anxiety is a horrible thing to have to deal with no matter what shape or size you may be experiencing it in.

Now, I’m sure some of you might think that the very word “anxiety” tends to be thrown around quite casually these days. “Oh they’re just stressed” or “Oh they’ll get over it” or (my personal favorite) “Oh they’re faking it.” I’m sorry, but WHAT! NO! Ok yes, maybe the term is used more in our every day vocabulary than ever before, but thats because it has become a HUGE growing problem that we are facing in our society my peeps! And it sucks! Did you know, that 1 out of every 3 people suffer from anxiety? That’s a lot of people to be dealing with such a shitty thing. Yet, after doing some research, I’ve found that only 36.9% of these people are receiving either perscriptions or seeking professional help! Why is that?

Story time!

I’m someone who has suffered with crazy anxiety for the past 2 years. Whether it stemmed from being stressed from college, or just from the pressures of becoming an adult in the real world, I don’t know! But I do know, it was such an annoying thing that kept me from living my daily life the way I wanted to! Anxiety not only affects your mind, but it absolutely affects your body in very weird ways. About a year ago, I was getting really sick, fainting, experiencing intense insomnia, and having constant irrelevant fears of things that would probably never even happen. I was easily agitated, easily scared, closing myself off, and even having to skip classes some days due to lack of sleep. For the longest time, I would not take anything that could help because “I didn’t want to be married to medication in my early 20’s.” However, a few months ago, my doctor helped me come to a realization. I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume most, if not all of you, have had bronchitis before in your life, yes? Nasty little sickness isn’t it? I mean, you’re literally hacking out your left lung every few minutes. Cute. Not. Anyways, when you are sick with this, what do you do? You get medicine, correct? Because that’s the only way around it? Because when we are sick, we do what it takes to get back in good health to go about our daily lives? YES! So, when we are experiencing sickness in our mental health, why do so many of us think this is any different? I was included in this margin until a few months ago when I gave in and began taking a perscription to help relieve it. Here and now, I can tell you first hand, I feel like the absolute happiest HEALTHIEST version of myself ever. I wake up every day able to to go through without such a nuisance of a mind funk holding me back! And that’s just what helped me. Of course, others will be different. Like anything in life, finding solutions comes with a process of trial and error!

So maybe you are working too hard, stop that! Take a break pal! Maybe you need to have someone lend an ear and give you the help and advice you need to keep on keepin, and that’s awesome too! DO IT! Or, maybe you need a little extra push to even just make some healthier choices to free your mind! Maybe try meditation, yoga, working out, or even writing! Point is, there is a healthier happier you that you deserve to get to know! You absolutely have every right to anything that can help you get there! So go get em tiger!

Welp, if I have helped even one reader, then I have done my job here… so Im gonna go have a glass of wine now. BYE!


-Stevie <3